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We are San Jose’s and the Bay Areas top epoxy flooring coating company that has been installing, renovating and repairing flooring systems throughout the Santa Clara, County and Greater Bay Area and Northern and Central California area for the last few decades. We take great pride in ourselves to bring the very best quality craftsmanship and customer service into your space – whether that be your home garage or commercial warehouse or industrial work space. If your located in the Bay Area and find yourself considering a new install or upgrade to your existing flooring solution, reach out to us and give us a call or drop us a note in the quote box below as we’d love to chat with you about what we can offer.

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San Jose Epoxy

Here at San Jose Epoxy we do our best to offer you the best selection of epoxy floor coatings with the proper professional installation and maintenance plan to keep you floors in the best looking and functional shape. Whether you are looking to redo the car garage concrete floor that needs to be resurfaced and refurbished or if you have an industrial warehouse that has floors that have seen better days, we here at San Jose Epoxy know that we have an epoxy solution that will work for whatever your needs may be.

Epoxy flooring is often the best solution for a floor refinishing that provides a high ability to withstand both heavy loads and hard impacts that most other floors fall short of. It is often one of the most important investments as a home or business owner can make to improve the function and look of their floor space. Estimated cost for a new epoxy flooring in generally in the $7-$12 per square foot range in the San Jose California area. So for an average garage floor of 250 square feet you would be looking at an average cost of $1750 to $3000. Those costs can be a bit higher if there is significant demolition work to the existing flooring or work on the underlying concrete overlay floor as well as if higher end epoxy is chosen for the new floor.


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Epoxy Garage Floor Systems

Garage Floor Coatings – Why get epoxy garage flooring is always a matter of personal preference but it is never a choice we’ve ever have a customer regret if they chose to go with one our epoxy flooring solutions. Even if cost is a factor and you are trying to save money, a garage epoxy floor system will withstand the harsh conditions it will face over the next 10-20 years of use which is the typical lifespan of the new epoxy floor that is well maintained and cared for.

If your garage floor is started to look worn, dingy and generally beaten up, the it’s a great idea to explore epoxy as a way to bring it back to life. Not only does a new epoxy floor look great and provide for years of abuse and excellent covering for high impact use, it also improves the value of your home or property. Being chemical and scratch resistance epoxy is a super strong durable surface that is excellent for all garage locations that need to withstand heavy vehicle and hot tires. For all installations we make sure to use epoxy systems that would also fit in with any commercial or industrial use. Some of the benefits of epoxy systems are that the installation is rather quick typically only requiring 1-2 days of installation and this can be quicker in the summer in hot conditions and a little slower in the winter when temperatures are colder.

If a new garage floor epoxy sounds like something you would be interested in please give us a call now at 408-900-6039. Were are happy to discuss with you what types of floor finishes, resins, epoxy paint and grout options are available.

Epoxy Floor Installations

There are many benefits to Epoxy Floor Installations. These floors are durable and stain-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like manufacturing plants or automotive facilities. Additionally, they are highly resistant to heat and corrosive chemicals. If you have cracked or uneven concrete floors, an epoxy floor installation can be the best solution. These floorings are also durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic and heavy machinery. So, you can use them in any room of your home without worrying about fading.

Before applying the coating, the concrete surface needs to be profiled. This can be done by grinding or shot blasting. This allows the epoxy to bond properly to the concrete. In addition, most cracks in concrete are hairline and don’t require any preparation. However, larger cracks will need to be filled before applying the epoxy coating. If your concrete floor has multiple large cracks, it is wise to hire a professional to clean the entire surface.

One of the biggest benefits of epoxy flooring is that it’s easy to maintain. The material is resistant to stains caused by water and other liquids. Even if a spill occurs on your floor, you can mop it up easily. This makes it a great option for high-traffic areas. If you’re looking to install an epoxy floor, consider these pros. They can help you make the right decision.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

In industrial settings, epoxy flooring is the preferred choice because of its durability and high resistance to chemicals. It can withstand the daily traffic of forklifts, vehicles, pallet jacks, material carts, and high volume foot traffic. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice among business owners and homeowners. This flooring option is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. Its benefits make it a good choice for both commercial and domestic settings.

In industrial settings, industrial epoxy flooring has many benefits. These floors are durable. They can last up to 20 years in heavy-duty commercial and industrial environments. Installing an epoxy floor is an easy and quick process that will not disrupt day-to-day operations. Moreover, it can be applied over existing floors, which means that you can avoid costly flooring replacement or concrete slab failure. Regardless of your facility’s purpose, it is essential to know how to install industrial epoxy flooring.

It can be used in areas with high levels of traffic, such as cafeterias and manufacturing floors. The high sheen of epoxy helps in improving visibility, as it reflects light sources more clearly. Besides that, epoxy enhances the performance of safety painting. It can also ensure safe routing of personnel. Slips and falls are one of the most serious hazards in an industrial environment, and they can cause significant financial losses. By using industrial epoxy flooring, your floor can be safe and durable at the same time.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

A seamless no-slip Epoxy Floor will protect your floors and save energy because it eliminates seams and joints. It is also designed to improve natural light, meaning better visibility and lower power bills. The solid epoxy resin used in these floors is fire- and chemical-resistant. The flooring system also includes an underlayment to smooth the old concrete and prevent it from moisture and spills. The flooring is completely waterproof and naturally resists dirt, dust, and chemicals.

Because of its durability and low maintenance, epoxy floors have become one of the most popular flooring options for commercial venues. Since commercial floors are subject to daily wear and tear, constant maintenance is necessary to keep them looking their best. The coatings on Epoxy floors are highly durable and require only minimal maintenance, which means they will last a long time. In addition to its excellent adhesion and drying properties, Epoxy Flooring is easy to maintain and clean.

Choosing the right Commercial Epoxy Flooring can be a challenging task. Not only is the process time-consuming and expensive, but the final result can be stunning and low maintenance. You can also customize the floor with a custom logo to add to the look. But while a customized floor design can be expensive, it’s well worth it if you’re looking for high-end durability and low maintenance. However, you must bear in mind that the cost of installing a Commercial Epoxy Floor is often dependent on how large the area is.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring is a great choice for heavy-duty commercial and industrial floors. It is highly resistant to wear, tear, yellowing, and peeling. Unlike traditional concrete floors, industrial epoxy flooring offers low installation and maintenance costs. It also reduces the need for costly downtime, which can greatly impact the bottom line. And because of its durability, it is ideal for many different types of facilities. Here are a few benefits of this type of flooring.

Because of its durability, industrial epoxy flooring is typically made from two or more layers of epoxy resin. The second coat is applied over the first one to ensure a durable and solid surface. The epoxy is meant to be defect-free and nonporous, but it can be potentially hazardous when improperly installed. To minimize the possibility of injury or contamination, it is important to hire professionals who know how to properly install it. In addition, epoxy products contain compounds that create traction.

Lastly, industrial epoxy floors are incredibly durable. They are highly resistant to wear, chemical spills, and impact. And because they are so resistant to moisture, industrial floors are much safer for employees. And because epoxy is a solid polymer, they can withstand substantial weight. They are extremely resilient, and can withstand ten thousand pounds per square inch. In addition, they are extremely resistant to corrosion. And they can improve the visibility of large facilities.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The versatility of epoxy flooring means that it can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Its high impact resistance and durable nature make it an ideal solution for a variety of uses, from unyielding industrial surfaces to elegant entrances. Read on to find out how to install this versatile product. And remember: it’s not a do-it-yourself project! You don’t need to be a trained professional to lay this type of floor.

Epoxy Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Unlike an epoxy flooring DIY kit that you would find online or at your local Home Depot, our industrial and commercial epoxy resins are extremely durable, feature a wide range of chemical resistance as well as are flame safe and generally need little to no maintenance outside of regular cleaning with non abrasive cleaners. Able to withstand harsh chemicals epoxy surfaces are ok to clean with stronger cleaners like bleach as well as milder cleaners like vinegar or soap and water based cleaners.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a great choice when you are wanting to retain a very industrial yet clean look to your floor. We specialize in resurfacing all conditions of concrete and are happy to discuss with you if concrete resurfacing is good options for your location and intended use. Concrete resurfacing in the Bay Area is something that we offer as a company. Give us a call and let us know what concrete resurfacing ideas you may have and we are also more than happy to give you our ideas as well are more than happy to get you a quote so you can get a good idea on cost.

Concrete Polishing

The process of concrete polishing is not the same as polishing a floor on a junker car. This process requires a high level of skill and knowledge in order to produce a flawless floor. However, unlike a new flooring system, concrete polishing does not involve the use of chemicals, which can damage the surface. This is the reason why professionals recommend the services of a professional to complete the project. A well-trained professional can achieve a beautiful floor by following the proper steps.